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Personal Portfolio And Bloging Website

Mithun Rana

personal portfolio, service, and bloging web site design and development by mithun rana . this website user can publish portfolio, service, and blog and it can do marketing this service portfolio and blog . more user can do linkbuilding user social account.

The Web site Admin Side feature

Admin Panel

1. Add Gallery Image

2. Delete Gallery Image

3. Full Image manage with databse normalization

4. Blog Add

5. Manage Blog

6. Service Add

7. Service Manage

8. Portfolio Add

9. Portfolio Manage

10.User Can Delete Portfolio, service, Blog Tutorial 

Project Design Source (Front End):

HTML, CSS, Javascript, ajax, Vue js, JQuery, Bootstrap

Web Development (Server Side):

PHP, MySql, laravel 5.8

Project Features

Page List

  • Home Page
  • Dynamically About Page
  • Dynamically Contact Page
  • Dynamically Gallery
  • Portfolio Page
  • Particular Portfolio View
  • Service Page
  • Particular Service View
  • Blog Page
  • Particular Blog View


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Mr.mithun rana, he demonstrated as a diligent and candid person. His interpersonal skills are outstanding and he has been very helpful and has been highly appraised by his Supervisors. We wish him success in his future efforts.